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What We Provide
Suite of Enterprise Communication Solutions for your every need:
Bulk SMS Marketing Nation-wide coverage in Malaysia
One Time Password / TAC code delivery
Targeted SMS marketing, with location based SMS
Interactive (2-way) SMS for Mobile Campaigns, Surveys and Polls
Number Portability Lookup & Subscriber cleanup
Email Marketing for targeted market with intelligent delivery tracking
Messaging Product Features
Real-time Reporting
Track the usage and message delivery status anytime, anywhere.
MNP compliance
Delivery to every valid mobile number regardless of the mobile network.
Scheduled Delivery
Schedule your messages to be sent out at any preferred future date and time to individual or groups.
Contact Management
Keep your database updated and accessible anytime when you need it.
Multi-Language Support
Send SMS in your preferred language
Concatenated Messages
Support messages longer than standard messages length of 160 characters
Multi-Language Support
Broadcast your SMS with personalized names
Solutions that cater for every business need from individual to large corporates
24/7 Support
Round the clock technical support by our dedicated team